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Futuro Students Graduate Bay Area Medical Academy’s Medical Assistant With Phlebotomy Class

Graduate Gladys Ghahremani shared her experience in her graduation speech
Graduate Gladys Ghahremani shared her experience in her graduation speech

On Saturday, August 28th at Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center Amphitheater, Bay Area Medical Academy instructors, staff, students and their families gathered for a special graduation ceremony honoring the first class of students graduating from our Futuro Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program.

Bay Area Medical Academy partnered with the California-based non-profit Futuro Health to help improve the health and wealth of communities through working to grow the largest network of allied health workers in the nation, while at the same time tackling the healthcare workforce shortage worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Bay Area Medical Academy has been providing training in the allied health field since 2004, so we were well aware of the need for more workers. What no one could anticipate is that a national health crisis would magnify that need and create an even greater sense of urgency. From the beginning, our focus at BAMA has been about helping people improve their economic status, so we are eager to transition into the healthcare field those individuals who find themselves without work because of the pandemic.”

Simonida Cvejic, Bay Area Medical Academy Founder and CEO
Graduate Brianna Sutherland decorated her gown with an EKG wave
Graduate Brianna Sutherland decorated her gown with an EKG wave

It was a proud moment for the Futuro students, along with their family and friends, celebrating this important milestone in their educational lives. The celebration honored this cohort’s resilience as they persevered throughout the program during a time of great uncertainty as the pandemic unfolded. Many volunteered to do COVID testing and vaccine administration during the program, gaining real-world experience responding to the nation’s health crisis.

Futuro classmates side-by-side once more
Futuro classmates side-by-side once more

It has been an inspiring and motivating journey working with these committed and extraordinary graduates, and we are truly appreciative to all of them for choosing Bay Area Medical Academy for their healthcare training

We know that these graduates will move on to other further success working in their chosen healthcare professions, and they leave behind many great memories that we’ll continue to hold dear.

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