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Student Scholarship Spotlight

DeAnndra (DeeDee) Domino’s ambitions of training to work in the healthcare field go a long way back.

“It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time. As a preschool teacher and paraprofessional, I’ve worked with children for 15-years. Over the course of this time I’ve learned so much from children. Seeing them learn and grow and reach milestones was really incredible to see,” DeAnndra says. “As a mother to a now 20-year old son, I’ve always prioritized his care and education. Now that he’s in college, I’m super-enccouraged to pursue my education and achieve all the long-term goals I’ve put off for so long.”

DeAnndra’s long-time desire for a career working in healthcare led her to apply for one of Bay Area Medical Academy’s African American Student Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program Scholarships. We were quickly won over by DeAnndra’s personal story and eagerness to become a healthcare worker, and were thrilled to offer her a scholarship to help her with her medical training. 

DeAnndra volunteering at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

DeAnndra volunteering at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

“Being back in school is a tremendous opportunity for me to learn and grow as an individual and pursue a career that is in line with my goals and aspirations as a person,” DeAnndra says. “I chose Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy training because I want to help people stay healthy. My entire adult career I’ve worked in early childhood education, and I see how health and wellness is important for the individual and society as a whole.”

After receiving the scholarship, it didn’t take DeAnndra long to feel right at home in her Medical Assistant class. “I enjoy the hands-on instruction from the teachers and support from my classmates. I’m looking forward to learning all the medical terminology and anatomy of the human body so I can stay healthy and advise others. I’m also coping well with the online and in-person blended schedule. I’m learning a lot of new things, and feel I’ve the support I need if I have questions or needs additional help. I feel great to be realizing one of my goals after a long time of delays.”

DeAnndra not only has the full support of her instructors and classmates, but she’s also receiving all the support she could possibly want closer to home. “My family and friends are super supportive of me going back to school and training to work in healthcare field,” DeAnndra says. “They know I’ve always had a big heart, and I want to help people.”

These are excititing times for DeAnndra, and she can’t help thinking a little about life after graduation. “On completing the program, I’d like to work in either a hospital or clinic setting as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist,” DeAnndra says. “I’m a natural caregiver and in these times where health and wellness are so front-and-center to the country and world, I want to work in a meaningful and rewarding field. I’m a helper, and this is a way I can help others and be a part of a bigger solution.”

DeAnndra Update: Just recently we checked in with DeAnndra to see how she was getting on, and we were pleased to hear her wonderful news.

DeAnndra told us: “Yes things are going great! During my externship with BAPLS, I was hired on as a Medical Assistant Lead, leading vaccination sites around the Mission District, as well as the Tenderloin area in San Francisco. This position has been a great experience: helping manage Medical Assistants, and managing test areas such as one for testing NBA players before their games. I’ve also been a Vaccine Coordinator, making sure that vials are within range of specific temperatures and having the paperwork in order.”

DeAnnadra — you’re an inspiration to us all, and congratulations!

“Don’t think — just do!” Honesti Hayward says, speaking about people thinking about wanting to enroll into Bay Area Medical Academy’s Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program. “This is probably one of the best things I’ve done yet. It’s not too hard and not too easy. It’s just the perfect amount of learning we need to get our hands wet in the medical field. I love being back in school because I’m doing something I actually like.”

Honesti is one of our African American Student Scholarship awardees, and she applied for the scholarship for heartfelt reasons. “I chose to train for a career working in healthcare because I have a diabetic mom, and I feel like there’s more to know than just the basics doctors tell you,” Honesti says. “I wanted to learn the knowledge for myself.”

Honesti Hayward enjoying labs at Bay Area Medical Academy

As you’ve heard from Honesti, she’s feeling right at home being back at school and taking both the online and on-campus teaching in her stride. “So far I’m loving the program. The staff and teachers are very helpful and kind. It’s a very good learning environment. I’m glad I chose BAMA to take my classes. I just wish I could be in labs more of the week at the moment.”

Honesti is particularly looking forward to her externship that comes at the end of the nine-month program. “I like how I’ll get the chance to get in the field and work along side professionals, which will help me in my career.”

Honesti’s family are also fully backing her new career choice. “My family are genuinely happy, mostly because I’m 19 and fulfilling my dreams at a young age. They know I’m determined, so they’re happy I took this move. I’m doing this for me!”

When Honesti graduates she hopes to start working in a hospital as a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist, and with her drive and ambition we have no doubt great things lie ahead.

As Honesti says, “Even if you think you can’t — you can!”

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The MA students have always been well trained by Bay Area Medical Academy (BAMA). On a regular basis when there had been an opening at Ward 86 – Positive Health Program, we hire a former student from BAMA. Medical Assistants from BAMA have proven to be well prepared, fast learners, and very motivated in working at Ward 86.

Roland Zepf ACRN, Clinic Manager, San Francisco Hospital

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