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Black Lives Matter

*** Bay Area Medical Academy is pleased to currently offer Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Scholarships to ten African American applicants. To apply for a scholarship click here.***

Allyship with Black communities is as much a moral imperative as a requirement of our daily pursuit of educating and empowering our overlooked, disenfranchised communities.

Events following the murder of George Floyd have provided us with a powerful spotlight on the continued injustices perpetrated on the Black community in America.  We cannot and will not look away.  We cannot and will not stand idle. People are fed up, angry, and tired of not being seen, not being heard, and repeatedly witnessing all too similar tragedies being committed, tragedies born of discrimination and ignorance.  What happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, Oscar Grant and so many others will not be tolerated.

Systemic injustices against Black Americans are evident everywhere. The current pandemic of COVID-19 exposed these in our healthcare system as the virus is killing Black Americans at a higher rate than any other group.  The eruption of frustrations we are witnessing across the country stem not just from recent events, but a centuries old fight.

We stand against police brutality in all forms.
We stand against a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets Black Americans.
We stand against mass incarceration.
We fight against institutional racism in education and healthcare.
We fight against the income gap, the wealth gap and the opportunity gap.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community because we know that society cannot be elevated until all people are lifted and have equitable access to political, educational, and vocational resources.  We stand in solidarity because everyone in this country should be able to live free of fear.  We believe human decency, kindness and respect are the rights of every human being.  These things should not be privileges for some but rights afforded to all.

What You Can Do to Disrupt Racism: Start a Conversation, a non-profit organization with the goal of motivating young people to make positive change in their communities and the world, through online and off-line campaigns, has prepared customized guides on how to have a conversation about race with your friends and family. We are sharing their guides here to help our students and our community take immediate action towards Disrupting Racism.

“How White People Can Talk to Each Other About Disrupting Racism”:
People of Color Need to Start Having Conversations about the Anti-Blackness in our Communities”:
for our Black students and community members, take care of yourself with this self-care guide:

What You Can Do Speak up for Justice Now: Sign a Petition

If you would like to be a part of the change, there are several petitions you can sign to effect change through the non-profit organization, Color of Change.

Sign a petition here:

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Why Accreditation Is Important

When you attend an accredited institution, you are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates educational quality. It’s not easy to become or remain an accredited institution. The rules and regulations are strict, precise and designed to protect students. Here are some of the benefits:

  • A reliable indicator of quality

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What our graduates say

I was going into my second year as an unemployed CNA who couldn’t find time to complete continued education hours. I was working temporary jobs that simply didn’t bring in enough income. Bay Area Medical Academy has given me the opportunity to move up in the medical field with the CPT-1 and EKG certificate, which I had a long-time desire in. This has given me a stable job with good benefits. I gained much self-confidence and experience. Thank you!

Lynette P., BAMA Graduate

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