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Career Growth Is a Real Thing for High School Graduates Wanting to Be a Medical Assistant

Career Growth Is a Real Thing for High School Graduates Wanting to Be a Medical Assistant

Soon to be high school graduates thinking about enrolling in a medical assisting training school will have definite hopes for their career after they graduate.

Hopes such as meaningful work, co-worker respect, and a good salary.

Also high on the list of these hopes will likely be the potential for career growth.

Fortunately, a medical assistant career can be the jumping off point for a range of healthcare job possibilities.

Is it any wonder that a medical assisting career recently came in at #18 in U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of top healthcare support jobs?

Climbing up the Healthcare Career Ladder as a Medical Assistant

The opportunity for professional and career advancement is a very real thing for medical assistants after they start working.

Hospital training programs

Similar to other healthcare organizations, Stanford Health Care offers a career ladder that gives their medical assisting employees four different levels to work towards:

  • Level I Trainee/Entry Level
  • Level II Intermediate/Developing
  • Level III Career/Full Proficiency
  • Level IV Advanced/Specialist/Lead

Rising from Level I to Level IV, an employee continually gains more medical assisting experience as they take on more job responsibilities.


Specialization in a particular field of medicine also becomes a medical assisting career option, such as the potential to focus on podiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, or pediatrics.

Your way into working in one of these specialized areas can vary, but usually starts with one or more of the following: extra certification, additional training, extended medical assisting experience, and an interest in an area of medicine that treats a particular patient group.

A Gateway to Alternative Healthcare Careers

Medical assisting can also offer an alternative, and perhaps more achievable route (you’re gaining medical experience and are getting paid) into alternative healthcare careers.

Medical assistants can use their work experience as a springboard to a different career altogether, such as becoming a surgical technologist, laboratory technologist, physician’s assistant, or a nurse.

With these possibilities for career advancement, would you like to enroll in a medical assisting program?

BAMA’s 2018 Medical Assisting Program High School Scholarship

Are you graduating high school in 2018? Do you go to school and live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Is medical assisting a career for you?

If that describes you, you can read about Bay Area Medical Academy’s 2018 Medical Assistant Program High School Scholarship here.

You’ll learn about:

  • Scholarship eligibility requirements
  • How scholarship awardees are selected
  • Where you should send your application
  • … Plus more about what a medical assistant does and the healthcare facilities where they work

Do you want to get an idea of what the medical assisting student experience is like at Bay Area Medical Academy?

Discover more by watching the student success video below!

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