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San Jose Medical Assistant Training Questions

San Jose Medical Assistant Training Are you looking to start San Jose Medical Assistant training soon?

Then it’s good to know you’re choosing to train for a career that’s ranked highly among the best jobs to have in the U.S.

Medical Assistant ranks #51 in U.S. News & World Report Top 100 job rankings.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects Medical Assistant employment to grow 29 percent between 2016 and 2026, adding about 184,600 jobs.

Now you know you’re on the right track in choosing to train to become a Medical Assistant, what should look for in a San Jose Medical Assistant training program?

Here are some questions you can ask school admissions staff to make sure you’re choosing the right program and school for you.

Questions to Ask Admissions Staff Before Enrolling in a San Jose Medical Assistant Training Program

Before you enroll into a Medical Assistant Training Program, you’ll meet with school admissions staff.

This is an important moment to ask questions to learn if the program and the school would be an ideal fit for you.

Some good questions to ask admissions staff are:

Is the program accredited?

Confirm the school is teaching a medical assisting program that is accredited by a reputable accrediting agency. This proves the program meets or exceeds minimum quality standards.

How much hands-on training is there?

Medical assisting is job where there will be a lot of patient interaction. You’ll want to be assured the training the school offers includes enough hands-on training for you to learn the clinical techniques needed to provide professional patient care.

What is the school culture like?

In what kind of environment do you learn best? Try and find out what the school’s culture is like and if that would suit your learning style.

What do students enjoy most about going to the school?

Ask admissions staff if you can speak with current students about their school experience. When you hear students talking about enjoying going to the school, does that speak to you in a way that makes you think you’d look forward to the same school student experience?

What type of student support is offered?

During your time training to become a Medical Assistant, you’ll want to know support is available to help you graduate successfully. This support can include personalized instructor attention, Student Services support, and Career Services support.

What jobs do students get after graduation?

The California’s Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education requires schools publish student outcomes such as graduation rates, job placement rates, and salary levels for graduates of each program. When you meet with admissions staff make sure you feel confident that the school is graduating students successfully and that those graduates are getting jobs.

Asking these questions (and more if you have them) will give you enough information to inform your decision about enrolling in the San Jose Medical Assistant training program you’re considering.

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, and you can be a part of it!

Our career-oriented program gives you hands-on, real-world training and ongoing support for your long-term goals.

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