...what I loved most about it was the knowledge my instructor had.

BAMA was a wonderful school to work with. Very easy process to register and sign up for courses. I completed the weekend phlebotomy course at the San Francisco campus. The course was fantastic, and what I loved most about it was the knowledge my instructor had. Never did I feel nervous that I wouldn’t be able to complete the course work asked of me. My instructor was very confident in his skills which led me to have the same confidence. Attending BAMA and taking the weekend course, I was fully prepared to dive into the world of phlebotomy. I was very well instructed and taught in all aspects of phlebotomy. Knowing and being taught, order of draw, how to perform venipuncture, and also having the instruction available from BAMA staff to help write a resume and review my resume before sending it out to possible job prospects was fantastic. I’m currently employed with the Contract VA Clinic in Yreka, CA. I am the Lab Manager and keep all aspects of the lab running smoothly, as well as performing daily venipuncture on patients. I also work, per diem, with Fairchild Medical Center Hospital in Yreka, CA. BAMA fully prepared me to work in the health care field as a phlebotomist. I would recommend this academy, and frequently do so, to anyone who asks where I went to school.

Kiley Munoz, Phlebotomy Technician Graduate

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