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This 1 Tip Will Improve How You Learn In A BAMA Medical Assistant Training Class

medical assistant training class with the instructor up frontAre you looking for one tip that can help you succeed the first day of medical assistant training class right through to your last day?

It may sound simple, but the tip is being prepared.

“Being prepared is one thing that can help guarantee a medical assistant student’s success in class,” says Mrs. Earby, BAMA Medical Assistant Instructor. “It starts with the little things like a student preparing their school bag the night before class, all the way to the student preparing to perform their best on a classroom test. When a student is prepared they’re making a statement they’re treating their training seriously. The student is committing to being a success.”

Nothing says being unprepared as leaving everything to the last minute. If you find yourself procrastinating when you should be doing, here are some ways you can ensure you’re always prepared during your BAMA medical assistant training class.

Ways You Can Succeed in Medical Assistant Training Class

Remove Your Distractions

We’re bombarded with distractions daily. These distractions can get in the way of what we’ve planned to do, causing us to be unprepared. Flagging common distractions in our lives can be the first step to remaining attentive to what needs to be done and what can wait until latter. Do you really need to read that email, respond to that Facebook message, take that call? Can you silence your smartphone notifications so you can stay focused on the task at hand? Can you politely let family and friends know they’re a little distracting to you right now, but they’ll have your undivided attention later? Kicking distractions to the curb may prove difficult to do at first. Often we’re prone to trying to please ourselves and other people at the same time. However, if too many distractions are preventing you from turning up to class on time or interrupting your study, for instance, it’s probably necessary to set up some healthy boundaries between you and those distractions. Make an effort to take note of what distracts you, and then make preparations to remove them, at least temporarily.

Focus on the Here and Now

Keeping school life and non-school life separate is challenging. At times, we can feel like we’re being pulled every which way. When this happens, it’s difficult to check our non-school life baggage at the classroom door. What can you do to help your mind prepare for school? Can you get to class 10 minutes early and use that time to free yourself of the stress in your life? Perhaps reviewing your classwork for the day, chatting with classmates, or 5 minutes spent with a meditation app on your smartphone, will help bring your mind into sharper focus. Putting yourself in the right frame of mind for class is something your instructor will expect. When you’re focused on the here and now, you’ll open yourself up for a better learning experience.

Ratchet up Your Motivation

While instructor praise, recognition, and morale boosters can increase a student’s motivation to do well in class, occasionally you may need to find extra motivators to give you a friendly nudge to get things done during your medical assistant training. These motivators can be anything under the sun, so long as they speak to you. After all, one person’s motivation may not be encouragement enough for you to lift a little finger. A way for you to establish motivators in your school life and make them work for you would be to prepare a to-do list of the things you’d like to accomplish during the week, and then reward yourself when you reach those goals. It’s well known that people who write things down are more likely to achieve what they set out to accomplish than the people who don’t. It’s a simple but highly effective way of preparing, and it works. Additionally, if you can make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timed) they’ll be more effective. And you’ll be more likely to claim your reward at the end for a job well done.

It may take a while to make being prepared in medical assistant training class a new habit for you, but the results will be worth it. Can you put into action any of the tips mentioned above? Are there other ways you ensure you’re always prepared? Let us know!

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