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Working as a Paramedical Examiner

Working as a Paramedical ExaminerWorking as a Paramedical Examiner can be an achievable way for a newly California Certified Phlebotomy Technician I to quickly start working.

Working as a Paramedical Examiner can also get a person the 1-2 year’s blood draw experience hospitals and clinics usually require when they’re hiring Phlebotomists.

If you’re training to become a Phlebotomist and haven’t heard of the possibility of working as a Paramedical Examiner before, here’s what you need to know.

What Does a Paramedical Examiner Do?

A Paramedical Examiner (sometimes called a Mobile Phlebotomist) performs paramedical insurance exams for insurance companies that need to analyze the risk of insuring someone.

A paramedical exam will usually include these duties:

  • Interviewing clients, including taking their medical history
  • Recording the client’s blood pressure, pulse, height, and weight
  • Collecting the client’s blood and urine sample
  • Processing the client’s blood sample using a centrifuge
  • Packaging and shipping (or taking) samples safely to a laboratory
  • Performing an EKG test on the client (depending on the circumstances)
  • Assisting in the recovery of a client with adverse reactions
  • Monitoring storage and inventory of supplies

A Paramedical Examiner would visit the client’s home or workplace to perform the exam. And on a typical day, a Paramedical Examiner will perform multiple client exams.

What Are the Requirements for Working as Paramedical Examiner

A Paramedical Examiner requires a certain set of qualifications and skills to perform their job well.

Paramedical examiner companies expect their examiners to have:

  • Phlebotomy training and CPT-1 certification
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Adherence to quality control and safety procedures
  • Customer service skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with technology (client insurance applications are usually completed electronically)
  • Ability to work independently without supervision
  • A vehicle for visiting clients

With these qualifications and skills, what are the benefits of starting a phlebotomy career working as a Paramedical Examiner?

The Benefits of Working as a Paramedical Examiner

Working as a Paramedical Examiner has some unique benefits:

  • You’ll have the freedom of being an independent contractor
  • You can set your own week-to-week schedule and geographic area of exam coverage
  • You can perform as many or as few exams as you’re comfortable with

Another benefit is:

  • Over time, you can gain the blood draw experience needed to work at most clinics or hospitals

Paramedical exam companies usually don’t require their examiners to have the 1-2 year’s blood draw experience that many clinics and hospitals demand.

Frequently these healthcare companies require their examiner’s to have only previous phlebotomy experience (which can amount to the experience gained through a graduating a phlebotomy training course and obtaining CPT-1 certification), knowing they’ll also provide their examiners with on-the-job training before they start performing exams.

Does Working as a Paramedical Examiner Sound Good to You?

Some Phlebotomists find being a Paramedical Examiner is the perfect job for them.

They quickly enjoy the patient interaction, the freedom the job allows, and the way they can fit the work around their personal life.

However, if working at a clinic or hospital is your goal as a Phlebotomist, starting out working as a Paramedical Examiner can put you on the right road.

Either way, getting hired as a Paramedical Examiner can be a fast-track way to establish a phlebotomy career that can take you places.

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